You ready for some winter fashion? I’ve got another Stitch Fix Review for you today. This was my 23rd box with Stitch Fix.

This is a great and super honest Stitch Fix Review. Love the winter fashion and outfits. Fun!

For those of you keeping track, box #22 came at a very busy time of year with the holiday’s and what not, so I didn’t share it here. I did share it on Instagram and my Facebook page – you should totally be following me both places!:-)I just got box #24 (I have them set to every 3 weeks in the winter because my winter wardrobe is non-existant). I won’t be sharing box #24 here, but I took a few pics and will share those on Instagram and Facebook as well.

On to this box, when I pulled everything out of the box, I had super high hopes for this box. I loved what I saw. However, I got this box right at the new year. I just haven’t been able to share it with you yet because of all of the issues I’ve had with my site thus far this year. I’ve learned that getting a box right near the new year isn’t that grand of an idea. I had been sick for a week or two and not exercising. Couple that with the holidays and all the sweet treats and I’m sure you can guess that I had gained a few pounds and wasn’t feeling all that great about my body or buying new clothing at the time. You have been there, right? View full post »

Who dislikes cleaning? I’m raising my hand REALLY high and yelling, “I do, I do!” I would pretty much rather do just about anything but clean, yet I have a house, I have a family and I like it when things are clean, well mostly tidy, but anyway. Cleaning is a part of life and it needs to happen or the house gets disgusting really quickly…trust me, I know.

I love simple organization ideas like this easy way to organize Cleaning. Perfect for spring cleaning and keeping up with the cleaning all year.

In our bite-sized organizing project for this week, we are going to tackle being a bit more organized about our cleaning. If you are like me, if you don’t have a plan of some sort and you hate cleaning, you are never going to get around to it. As I’m sure you know, life with a family gets busy really quickly, so it helps me to spend a few minutes doing what I’m going to show you today. It means I have a plan in place for what to clean when and then I’m WAY more likely to make it happen. It still doesn’t always happen, but it happens more often than it would if I didn’t have a plan.

I love simple organization ideas like this easy way to organize Cleaning. Perfect for spring cleaning and keeping up with the cleaning all year.

This post is part of Real Organized series on getting our homes and our families organized with small little projects each week. They aren’t projects like organizing a whole room, but rather organizing by having some systems in place that help you and I keep up with the busy life of having kids, working, and/or all those other things we have going on in our lives.

So, let’s talk about cleaning, much as I don’t want to.  View full post »

  • Summer - February 4, 2016 - 7:48 am

    Love these tips! I try to be organized with cleaning too♥


    • KC Coake - February 4, 2016 - 9:20 pm

      Yay! Do you find that being organized helps you get it done?ReplyCancel

Sometimes, I swear I sound like a broken record, but I’m willing to bet you know what I mean. Have you thought about Valentine’s day yet? And what your kids are going to give/make for Valentine’s day? Even with all my planning for blog posts and an editorial calendar, these things still sneak up on me. I decided this year that it would be fun to make something with my girls. We usually just do the standard stuff you can get at the store, but I’ve really enjoyed finding small projects I can do with them(like the ornaments, crackers, or ice cream) and I knew we could figure something out for Valentine’s day. So, we learned how to make lip balm and I’ve got the tutorial for you as well as some really cute printable tags you can use for these or other Valentine’s day gifts.

I love homemade and all natural gift ideas. This is a great recipe to make homemade lip balm. Also has free printable tags for Valentines day. Great gift!

This was a super simple little activity. I totally thought it was going to be harder and take longer and so I kept putting it off. (Which is part of why this post is only just now getting to you. The other part is all the problems I’ve had with my site lately.) Do you know what I mean? I make things out to be harder than they are going to be in my head, and therefore, avoid doing them. It turns out how to make lip balm is actually really easy. Perfect after school activity to do with the kids.  View full post »

Get Real Organized one bite at a time.

Hey everybody! This series sure has been off to a slow start…between my site being down for almost a week and then down again last week it has been quite frustrating to me. I have now moved to a new host and am working on getting things back like they need to be to get back to regular posting. Yet, there seems to be some other kind of glitch as I write this that I’m trying to get worked out.

Snow Day (4 of 8)

At the same time we had Storm Jonas blow through here last weekend and we got over a foot of snow. For where I live, that is epic!

Snow Day (5 of 8)

My oldest daughter hasn’t been to school since Thursday last week. Rather than stress over working and getting posts done, I’ve chosen to have fun with my family. It may not have been the best business choice, but since I know my girls are only young for a short time, I know I won’t regret having spent days coloring, sledding, playing games and having fun in the snow.

Snow Day (3 of 8)

Have I mentioned I love having fun?

Snow Day (1 of 8)Snow Day (2 of 8)

Baring any other complications I can’t see right now, the Real Organized series will resume next week on Wednesday when I’m going to post about how to be organized with your cleaning. Maybe not the most fun topic on the planet, but cleaning is a necessary evil in our lives…or am I the only one who considers cleaning about as evil as laundry?

I will leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from our snow days.

Snow Day (6 of 8)Snow Day (7 of 8)Snow Day (8 of 8)


Hey, guys! My site is finally back up and running! What a week last week was! So, this week we are really going to get started with our Real Organized series. I’m excited to actually get started as I was super disappointed that my site was down last week and we couldn’t get started. I thought a great place to start getting ourselves organized would be to start with an organized calendar and I’m excited to bring you my printable calendar…yep, my graphic designer and I created a gorgeous calendar for you guys! Can’t wait to show you!

OMG These are the best ideas on how to organize the family calendar. I love the cute printable calendar and the amazing ideas for organizing everyone.

In my series every Wednesday for the first few months of this year, I’m trying to bring you some of the ways that I organize things to attempt to stay sane and do what I do on a daily basis.

OMG These are the best ideas on how to organize the family calendar. I love the cute printable calendar and the amazing ideas for organizing everyone.

I know there are tons of things around the house that we can organize. All of the things I have for you in these post relate to the things we organize for our family. So, it isn’t going to be tackling organizing a room, but rather things that we need to have organized in order to keep our family and our home running.

To me, the first place that we need to start is by organizing our calendars. If our calendars are organized, we can tackle most anything. Or is that just me? If I have a vision for what is coming and what needs to be done, I am so much more likely to get it done. How about you? View full post »

Have you ever had a DIY project that totally didn’t go the way you envisioned in your head? I’m willing to bet that if you have done more than 1 DIY project you have had many that didn’t go the way you wanted. It seems to be the way with DIY. You have great plans, but things just don’t usually go quite like they are supposed to. That is the way this kid’s closet worked out for me. I totally had planned that this was going to be done by Thanksgiving…yep just finished it last week. Let me tell you the tale of the doors and I’ve got some great ideas on how to organized a kid’s closet.

Love all these great tips to organize a Kids Closet. Also a DIY on how to hang doors. Need to use both of these in our Kids Room

When we bought this house and moved in everything was pretty much a DIY screw up. The people that lived here thought they knew what they were doing and thought they knew how to paint(or maybe they liked the paint everywhere it doesn’t belong look), but they most certainly did not. I had Pumpkin 12 days after we moved into this house and in the following year, we painted almost every surface in the house. We also changed out every light fixture, light switch, switch plate, electrical outlet and cover in the house as well as changed all of our appliances and got a new counters and sinks throughout the house. One of the other projects we did was to makeover of almost all of the closets with Closetmaid organizing systems (affilaite link). I’m telling you, they are a do-able project and they make such a difference in the amount of storage you can get out of a closet. Our house has a closet in each room and a very small pantry, very small coat closet and very small linen closet…maximizing storage space from closets is critical. I still have the linen closet, coat closet, and pantry that need makeovers. The pantry is up next.

Anyway, when we first moved into this house, this room was Snowflake’s. She had the original closet doors on the closet, but they were always banging into the door for the room and just a pain. So, when we moved the girls into a room together and turned this room into a playroom, we took down the closet doors and used a tension rod and curtains. It worked well, but now that this is Pumpkin’s room, we needed closet doors back up. I looked into getting sliding closet doors for this space, but the only ones that would fit were pretty cheap quality. I would have had to custom order wood doors and that was going to be over $300, which is more than I wanted to spend right now. Not to mention that I have no idea how to install sliding doors and I thought dealing with the existing doors would be easier. Sigh. View full post »

  • Shirley Spires Ripley - January 22, 2016 - 12:36 am

    Love your gray hangers! Do you mind if I ask where you got them? ThanksReplyCancel

On Monday, I shared with you the top posts on my site for 2015. Those were based solely on Google Analytics. Today, I wanted to share my favorite posts from 2015. They are just things I really loved making or doing with my kids versus things that did super well in analytics. Some of them are your favorites as well, but that wasn’t a factor in my decision for these top 15 posts.

Great posts with everything from Christmas crafts to 4th of July crafts, recipes and fun ideas to do with the kids. These are this blogger favorite posts of the year.

I’ll put the posts in order as they were on my site through the year. They aren’t in any order in terms of how much I loved them. I don’t know that I could pick my absolute favorite post of the year, though sadly I could probably pick my least favorite post of the year. Isn’t it funny how it is easy to pick what I did that I didn’t like, but much hard to decide on my favorite. View full post »

Hey, guys! I’m excited (and a bit nervous) to announce a new series that will be going on from now through April here on The Real Thing with the Coake Family. I’m starting a new series to help us get organized one little bite at a time. Every week, I will have a small project we can do to help make our house just a touch more organized and I’d love to have you join me.
These are great ideas to help me organize my home and my family. They are little organizing projects that I can do one each week. Perfect!

I’m gearing this series toward busy moms…because that is me and that is most of my audience as well. Therefore, these organization projects are going to be things that help us keep up with our family and our home. They will be things like organizing the family calendar, cleaning, grocery shopping, the pantry, the budget, paying bills, etc. All that stuff that we have to tackle on a weekly or daily basis that, if your house is like mine, is so easy to just let it slide and it gets to be a mess and things get missed or lost, etc. Sound familiar? This series is to help us keep up and save our sanity just a little bit. One bite each week. View full post »

  • Bridy Madill - January 6, 2016 - 4:22 pm

    Hi KC
    I can’t wait to see what you are working on! I promised myself to be more organized this year. My problem is just being too lazy sometimes.
    I started monday off with a weeks worth of sandwiches for the kids lunches, all made and in the freezer.

    I can only imagine writing a blog is a lot of work to make it successful.
    I tried writing a blog just to keep a journal of sorts, and that didn’t last too long. Life gets busy!
    Good for you for keeping it up.
    I enjoy reading every post.

    I went to sign up but I received an error saying my email is already in the system. Just wanted to let you know that happened. I assume I will keep getting the weekly updates and when your e-book is released.

    Oh, and don’t stress out too much, have fun with it!

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This year has been a great year for me with the growth of my blog. I wanted to start the year by sharing with you the top 15 posts as voted by the number of pageviews.

Love all these great posts! All the best post from the blog The Real Thing with the Coake Family in 2015. It includes recipes, organization ideas, crafts, sewing, gift ideas and some fashion. Love!

Last year, Imy blog grew by 154% in pageviews. As of today, December 29, 2015, I’m at 1,993,157 pageviews for 2015. By tomorrow, I should hit 2 million pageviews for 2015. Won’t that be amazing! For 2014, I didn’t even hit 1 million pageviews, so that is some great growth.! View full post »

  • Lisa Messick Ryan - January 5, 2016 - 12:03 am

    Thanks for the update. Great job on your blog this past year. Have a great 2016. Remember, it’s all in the data!ReplyCancel

I don’t know about you, but at this time of year, I feel overwhelmed and in need of re-organizing….EVERYTHING. Lol! How about you? For me, it is the end of the year need to feel like I’m starting the new year fresh and clean and ready to take on life without feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Getting organized helps me feel as though I have a clear head and room and space to breathe. Today, I wanted to provide both of us some great inspiration to get organized.

These are such easy ways to organize my family and my home. I am excited to try some and get more organized.

I also want to let you know that next week, I am starting a new series! It will be focused on getting organized. I’ve come up with bite sized projects (with one or two that are a little more than bite sized) that will help us organize our home. The projects are geared toward the things we need to keep our home running for our families. Things like organizing the kids, calendars, meal planning, shopping, and pantry, to name a few. I invite you to join me as we tackle feeling a little more organized one week at a time next year. You can join the series by signing up here so you don’t miss a thing. When you sign up I’ve got a few freebies to help you get started getting organized right now. Yay!

These are such easy ways to organize my family and my home. I am excited to try some and get more organized. View full post »