Swirly Wirly ~ Spiral Rosette Yarn Wrapped Pumpkin

I knew I wanted to make a fall centerpiece. Recently I saw a blog post about making yarn wrapped pumpkins and gourds. Yarn Wrapped Gourds & Pumpkins from Two Shades of Pink. I loved the rosette yarn wrapped pumpkin she showed. Of course I pinned the post, but I had a mental image of the pumpkin and never went back to see the details of how she made her spiral rosettes. My method worked fine, but I looked later and saw her suggestions. They look like they would work well and not involve hot glue, which is always a plus in my book. You can see my method below and you can also click over to her blog to see her method.

Two things I will tell you about this project. 1. Expect it to take you a while…it is not a fast project. 2. If it bothers you to have a different color peaking out from behind your yarn, either buy a white pumpkin or use a darker color yarn.
I started with a pumpkin from the craft store (of course it was bought with my 40% off coupon + my educator discount). I had yarn left over from other projects (shocking….I know).
  1. As you can see above, I just wound the yarn into a rosette. I was surprised that after the first turn or two, it actually would hold the swirl shape.
  2. Next up, put hot glue on the pumpkin a bit away from the nearest rosette and in about the size of the current swirl of yarn.
  3. Add more glue around the swirl and continue to add yarn until it fills the space in which you placed it.
  4. The way I did it, they won’t all come out to the be same size. I used small swirls to fill in the odd spaces.
I thought it might be helpful to see how I filled in a side of the pumpkin. Below is that progression.

As you can see I used a mix of different sized rosettes. Just figuring out what size I needed to fill in space as I went. 
After about 2+ hours and a few burnt fingers (I really don’t like hot glue)…I had a pretty pumpkin ready for my fall centerpiece. The orange peaking through slightly bugs me and it’s not as ‘perfect’ as I pictured it would be, but overall, I think it is pretty.
You can see how this pumpkin features in my Halloween/Fall Centerpiece and in my Fall Centerpiece.
Have a great week!

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